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Sella Holdings Pte. Ltd. (Sella Holdings) is a Singaporean investment holding company, investing in directly or indirectly in income producing real estate around the world. Sella Holdings operates as a private equity firm that has invested over the last 4 years in income producing real estate, worth more than $2 billion.

Our philosophy is to invest in businesses that provide sustainable value to all the stakeholders in the business, including, but not limited to, all shareholders, advisors, vendors, suppliers and tenants.


We achieve this by establishing and investing, as a sponsor, in low risk income producing real estate companies that distribute at least 90% of its distributable income as dividends to shareholders at least twice in a calendar year while maintaining value for all other stakeholders.











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Sella Holdings Structure

Sella Holdings Portfolio

Sella Holdings will be the sponsor of Vertex Income Trust Management (a Singaporean entity) currently establishing a new business vehicle with investments in the U.S. in the stabilized multifamily and data center income producing segments. Each segment shall operate as an independent fund.


Sella  Holdings was the founder and sponsor of IREIT Global, the first Singaporean REIT that invests in income producing real estate in the European market. IREIT Global was listed on the main Board of the Singapore Exchange (SGX) in August 2014. Sella Holdings sold its stake in the manager IREIT Global Group Pte. Ltd. via Gesher Pte. Ltd. (formerly known as IREIT Global Management Pte. Ltd.) in November 2016. 

Sella Holdings was the founder and the sponsor of Sella Capital Real Estate Ltd., an Israeli REIT listed on the main board of Tel Aviv Stock Exchange in March 2008. Sella Holdings, through its wholly owned subsidiary Idomy Ltd., holds 25% effective interest in Sella Capital Investments Ltd. - the manager of the REIT.

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