The Opportunity 

  • Efficient tax structure to optimize returns*

  • Investment limited to maximum 9.8% of the investment's raised equity

  • Half yearly dividends distributions

  • Prudent gearing level supporting sustainability

  • Focus in resilient asset classes for example, data centers with growth potential powered by data growth expansion and 5G technology

  • Diversification in a favorable low risk sector, generating stable income from dividend distribution & potential capital gain

 *Subject to eligibility and complying with certain IRS documentation requirements, reduced rates and exemptions of withholding tax may apply

Multifamily US

  • Approximately 43M housing units occupied by renters in 2019

  • Home ownership rate 65.1% in 2019

  • Census Bureau estimated real median household income increased 0.8%​​ to $61,937 between 2017 and 2018

  • Market driven rents keep pace with inflation

    •  2019 median rent prices increased ~4.1%- 5.5 %

  • Median rent for unfurnished apartment in Feb 2020 ~ $1,468  per month

Data Center US

  • Global data center market expected to grow

    •  CAGR of over 6.79% between 2019–25

  • IT spending in US 2020 on data center systems  

    • ~ $191B increase of 6.2%

  • Cloud services, AI and 5G advancement will accelerate growth of data centers

  • 38% of all hyperscale data centers worldwide in 2019  in US

    • more than any other nation

  • Deemed as essential infrastructures

    • data centers continue to operate with minimal impact amidst the pandemic


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