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Where Real Estate Fortifies

Vertex Income Trust

A Singaporean company investing in income producing real estate in the United States, focused on multifamily and data center segments.

Vertex Income Trust’s vision is to provide Asian & Global investors a gateway to the strong U.S. economy and to stabilized income producing real estate. Investors benefit from a  diversified equity portfolio in favorable low risk sectors that generate stable income from dividend distribution & potential capital gain with favorable tax structures.


Singapore's Strong & Open Economy

2nd ranking economy in the world for ease of  doing business

3rd ranking financial center in the world

3rd ranking richest country in the world with $90,530 GDP 


Your Partner In Singapore

 Real Estate Investment Opportunities in Strategic US Growth Market

Resilient US Multifamily & Data Center

Real Estate Portfolios

Reputable Sponsor with Proven Track Record

Strong Singapore  Financial Market

Efficient Tax & Financial Structures

30+ Years International Management Experience